Nomad Advice

Ever wish you could seamlessly travel to the destinations you love, without compromising on building personal wealth?Being a Digital Nomad for five years has taught me some invaluable lessons on how to build a future of balancing work and travel.I want to share that with you.


Planning your financial runway is key to balancing the early stages of your new lifestyle. We'll take a closer look at things like:- Budgeting
- Cash flow management
- Sales planning
- Operations planning

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Let's talk about where you want to go, what you want to do, and how long you want to live in one country/city. Different environments match different lifestyles

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And finally, business planning. How do you plan to support your remote-work lifestyle? How do you plan to make your first sale or acquire your first client or partner?

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No doubt. Transitioning your career or lifestyle can be complex, let alone at the same time. Let's have a deeper conversation about how I can help. During our first meeting, we'll cover your circumstances, goals, my process and future pricing.